Ep 212 – Nine New Methods I’ve Learned for Reparenting and How They’ve Affected Me

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am still (and forever will be) on a journey to reparent myself. Between the last time I did an episode on this topic and now, I have made some really radical and impactful internal changes that have made an enormous difference in my life. This week’s episode 212 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about nine new methods I’ve learned for reparenting and how they’ve affected me! 

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In this episode of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of connecting deeply to your inner child and actionable steps you can use to heal your inner child’s wounds.

The nine new methods I use that I share in this episode include:

  1. Making consistent, conscious contact with your inner family members.
  2. Make small promises to your inner child and keep them. 
  3. Get a picture of your inner child or inner teenager to make conscious contact.
  4. Find a safe place in your mind where you can go and feel safe with your inner family.
  5. Bring your inner critical parent to your safe place with you and see what happens.
  6. Play with toys, do a craft, or listen to music as a way to connect with your inner child and tap into those feelings.
  7. Allow your inner child and/or inner teenager to safely express their feelings and then soothe and affirm them as they do it.
  8. Interact lovingly with your inner critical parent so they see if there’s an inner loving parent present and are more likely to step aside than if you were to try to strong-arm them into giving up their role.
  9. Stop resisting and feel the damn feelings.

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