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Good for your for seeking coaching for yourself! With these two coaching packages, you get coaching on any topic. In case you didn't know, my specialty is coaching on boundaries, so if that's what you're interested in, click here to sign up for a free 30-minute Better Boundaries call.

I look forward to work with you!


PLEASE NOTE: These 1:1 coaching packages are only available to each client once per calendar year.


One-Time Only

Coaching can be on any topic. You'll get 60 minutes of 1:1 time with me via Zoom.



Three One-Hour Sessions*

Any topic. You'll get three 60-minute coaching sessions with me via Zoom. Details below.


“Barb gave me concrete tools to help me better understand my own goals, and use that understanding to create healthy boundaries. I use them every day to not only find my boundaries, but also to be at peace with holding that personal space for myself.” ~ Sarah

Get Your Power Back Pack details. You'll book you first one-hour coaching session by clicking the "Book and Pay Now" button. We'll schedule your second and third sessions during call one. All three coaching sessions must take place within 30 days of each other. Questions? Click here to email me.