Hi, I'm Barb. I had a string of dysfunctional relationships behind me until age 55.

I really didn't know it was possible for me to be in a healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship until now.

I used to blame all my former partners for the relationship patterns. Well, actually, I took credit for the good stuff! I've since learned that there was a whole slew of things I was doing to attract dysfunctional relationships and to make them worse over time. If that's you, I promise you - that can end!

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Toolkit for Effectively Communicating in Relationships

This handout will help you understand why you've likely been had difficulty communicating in relationships and how to do so in a way that you can both share on emotionally difficulty topics without being confrontational.

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What people are saying

"[This] one is a less tangible benefit, but for me it's the most important and it was the experience of really feeling known and seen and loved [by Barb.]" ~ P.W.

"There have been times when [Barb] knew not to say something…there’s a really delicate balance in doing that and I’m really glad that [she] understands that." ~ S.