Ep 206 – 24 Ways Adult Child Traits Show Up in the Workplace Part 2

In a recent episode, I mentioned that I had a whole cascade of memories and understanding that I have experienced some level of trauma in every job I had before recovery This led me to  self-reflect on how my dysfunctional upbringing played a role in this using an inventory about workplace traits of Adult Children from ACA. Last week I shared the first 12 traits of adult children in the workplace and today I am sharing the last 12 traits. This week’s episode 206 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about the 24 ways adult child traits show up in the workplace!

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In this episode of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast, I’m sharing 12 more traits from the “Big Red Book’s” list of how the traits of adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families show up in the workplace. I also share how they show up for me, and the top 3 traits that show up most often for me. 

The last 12 items of the “Working at the Laundromat” list are as follows:

13. We are sensitive and can get extremely upset with any form of criticism of our work.

14. We want to be in charge of every project or activity, feeling more comfortable when we are in control of every detail, rather than letting others be responsible.

15. We may be the workplace “clown” to cover up our insecurities or to get attention from others.

16. We are people-pleasers and may take on extra work, or our co-workers’ tasks, in order to be liked and receive approval from others.

17. We do not know how to be assertive in getting our needs met or expressing a concern. We may have to repeatedly rehearse our comments before delivering them.

18. We have felt that we do not deserve a raise, promotion, better workspace, or a better job.

19. We do not know how to set boundaries, and we let others interrupt us. We can accept more work without knowing how to say “no” appropriately.

20. We are perfectionists about our own work and expect others to be the same and have the same work ethics and values.

21. We become workaholics because it gives us a feeling of self-worth we did not get as a child.

22. We may jump from job to job, looking for the perfect position as the substitute for the secure and nurturing home environment we did not have.

23. We get upset when people do things that affect us or our work without asking us first.

24. We have a high tolerance for workplace dysfunction and tend to stick it out in an unhappy job because we lack the self-esteem to leave.

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