Ep 260 – Loving What Is with Wendy Foster

Content Warning: This episode contains mentions of suicide and suicide attempts. 

The trauma we experience as children stays with us and can manifest into mindset blocks, negative self-worth, and coping mechanisms that turn into addiction. Today’s guest Wendy Foster shares how, through recovery, she was able to overcome her addiction, take her power back, and help others do the same. This week’s episode 260 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about loving what is!

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In this episode of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast, my guest Wendy Foster shares the importance of taking your power back from trauma and addiction and her journey back to loving and honoring herself.

Some of the talking points I go over in this episode include:

  • Traumatic experiences in childhood can have a lasting impact on one’s life and behaviors, holding space in the body long after the event(s) occurred. 
  • Finding a higher power and embracing spirituality can profoundly impact personal growth and well-being.
  • A coach, sponsor, or mentor can help people discover their true identity, find their voice, and create healthy boundaries by acting as a mirror to reflect on.
  • Recognizing and addressing underlying issues is essential for personal growth and healing.

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