Hi, I'm Barb. I used to talk to myself horribly too!

I didn't even realize how horribly I talked to myself in my head until I read other people's negative self talk in a book.

When I realized all the horrible things I thought and said to myself, I was aghast. I went through a long process of changing all that and now I treat myself like a dear friend. You can too. If you want to learn more about me, click on the link to my bio on the right.

My top 5 podcast episodes for people who want to stop hating themselves:

Ep. 4 - Stop Negative Thought Loops

Ep. 5 - Affirming Ourselves

Ep. 17 - Guilt and Shame

Ep. 20 - Humility (yes, Humility)

Ep. 57 - Stop the Spigot of Negativity & Purify the Well of Your Mind

Some tips to stop hating yourself

Praise Work Downloadable PDF

From self hate to self love.

Praise work for self-loathers.

This handout has some assets on it that describe many people. It will take you through an exercise to help you discover and own your own assets.

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What people are saying

"You helped me discover my infinite worth as an individual...You also helped me understand my worth was inherent and not conditioned on what others think of me or what others say to me or on what I achieve. I think that’s been one of the key things in allowing me to have increased self compassion as well as increased love and tolerance for others…it was huge, it’s really huge." ~ P.R.





"The biggest thing you pointed out with this reparenting is you said, 'You’re abandoning yourself.' And that was huge...And it wasn’t an accusation like, 'You’re doing terrible things to yourself,' but it was like, 'You’ve been so abandoned that you’ve joined the bandwagon and abandoned yourself along with your parents and whoever else didn’t show up for you.' And so you taught me how to stop doing that by showing up with love for myself. And you taught me I’m the only one who can fill that giant hole…when I have the pattern to go into that abandonment and to not take care of myself those words come back to me and remind me that I’m the one" ~ P.