Ep 247 – 11 Steps for How to Build Your Own Personalized Boundary System Part 2

Last week, I shared the first half of the steps I take all of my boundary clients through to build their personalized boundary system. Today, I’ll be sharing the final half of the steps so that you can create a boundary system that works for you! This week’s episode 247 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is part 2 of the steps to build your own personalized boundary system! 

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If you missed part 1 of these steps, refer back to episode 246 where I cover steps 1-5. 

The steps I go over in this episode include:

The steps I go over in this episode include:

  • 6. Learn how to let good things in as well as keep bad things out.
  • 7. Set boundaries of self-protection.
  • 8. Set boundaries of self-containment. 
  • 9. Hold onto your property. You’re the one responsible for it. 
  • 10. Align with your values. 
  • 11. Stay connected to healthy, safe, and loving people as you build healthy boundaries.

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