Are You Saying Yes When You Really Want to Say No? Are You Putting Yourself Last??

Perhaps you're the consummate accommodator whose people-pleasing ways are wearing you out.

Better Boundaries with Barb Private Coaching is a 12-Week 1 on 1 Program.

Better Boundaries Private Coaching Is For You If...

  • You feel guilt and shame when you try to set boundaries
  • You don't want to (or know how to) be direct with others
  • You're overwhelmed with difficult feelings
  • You're the consummate accommodator and approval seeker
  • You engage in behaviors you're not really proud of
  • You're always focused on others and still have difficulty in your relationships
  • You want 1 on 1 attention while building your boundaries

After Participating in Group Coaching, You'll...

  • Be able to feel peaceful and calm when setting boundaries
  • Learn how to communicate directly with people
  • Your feelings will become more "right-sized"
  • Do things because you really want to do them, not because you feel obligated
  • Live your life by your own values and feel proud of that
  • Learn to keep the focus on yourself and still be kind and helpful
  • Come closer to realizing your authentic identity

In Private Coaching with Barb on Better Boundaries You'll Receive:

  • 12 weekly 60-minute private coaching calls on Zoom
  • A growing multi-media curriculum on how to build better boundaries
  • A hard copy of my 137-page Better Boundaries Workbook with weekly training exercises to build your own boundary system
  • Feedback tailored to you and your specific situations
  • A private Trello Board for accountability, consistency and tracking your progress
  • Unlimited 1:1 support with me via Telegram for text and voice messaging (Responses within 24 hours M-F)
  • BONUS! Access to my membership community Secure, Loved and Brave while you're a private coaching client! This includes two group coaching calls/month and a shitload of personal development resources!
Barb Nangle

Multiple payment options are available

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Paid in Full $2000
(One payment)

3 Monthly Payments of $800

What people are saying

"The concepts you used were powerful and well laid out visually. You gave many examples and it portrayed a definite line of how to approach each area ...Your vulnerability spoke to my heart and I saw what was possible with the work that you had done."

"You gave me a totally new way to see things. Most of us are visual and words blur after awhile. You cut to the chase and put up fences."

"You didn’t pussyfoot around anything. You shared how bad it had gotten and showed clearly what it took to change it around. You gave a living, breathing example of what it took [to create healthy boundaries], how hard it would be and the success it could become."

"I am absolutely loooving the metaphors you used, and it's working wonders. Seeing miracles already."

"Amazing supporting tools. They were fun and brought so much clarity to my life."

"I've always wanted to set clear boundaries with [loved one], but I never knew where to draw the line and it was especially hard to figure out when s/he would try to make me feel guilty about it. I now know what is mine and what is theirs and have been clearly drawing my boundaries for weeks now!"