Hi, I'm Barb. My feelings used to be a hot mess too!

Whether you have no idea what feelings are, or your feelings are incredibly intense, I get it.

When I came into recovery, my feelings were a mess. They felt HUGE. It seemed like I felt things more deeply than other people, but now my feelings are "right-sized." Yours can be too. Whether they're "too big" or you don't know what they are, I can help. If you want to know more about me, clicking on my bio to the right.

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Feelings List & Exercises Downloadable PDF

Feelings List and Exercises

This handout is helpful for people who have difficulty identifying their feelings. There are a couple of exercises to help you understand your feelings better, and get to know how they feel in your body.

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What people are saying

"[This] one is a less tangible benefit, but for me it's the most important and it was the experience of really feeling known and seen and loved [by Barb.]" ~ P.W.

"There have been times when [Barb] knew not to say something…there’s a really delicate balance in doing that and I’m really glad that [she] understands that." ~ S.