Ep 229 – Why I Think of Gossip as an Anti-Intimacy Campaign and Scripts for How to Stop It

I think of gossip as an anti-intimacy campaign. Patterns of gossip truly prevent any type of real intimacy from forming between people.  Gossip is the perfect example of “anti-intimacy” because when you talk about people who are not in the room, you’re not talking about yourself or the other person. 

That means neither of us are learning about each other. It takes away from being able to create intimacy through vulnerability. This week’s episode 229 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about gossip and some helpful scripts you can use to stop it! 

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Script 1 “You know friend, I’d really like to hear about YOU”

Script 2 “It stresses me out when you keep talking about his ex. Let’s talk about something else.”

Script 3 “If you want to talk about them every once in a while, that’s fine. But it’s happening every time I see you and it’s really stressing me out. Let’s talk about something else”

Script 4 “Friend 3, it seems to me that every time we talk, we end up talking about friend 2 and it really stresses me out to do that. Let’s talk about something else.”

Depending on the situation and your relationship, you might also add

Script 5  “I’m going to talk to her directly about my concerns, I encourage you to do the same.”

Script 6 “I don’t feel comfortable talking about x.” If someone asks “why are you uncomfortable?” you can simply say “I just am” without going into any detail about it.

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