Ep 180 – Addiction and Survival Traits with Craig Radix

More often than not, addiction and survival traits come with this negative connotation but today’s guest wanted to bring a new perspective to the intelligence that comes with these survival tactics. This week’s episode 180 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about addiction and survival traits!

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In this episode of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast, my guest Craig Radix shares how his life experiences lead him to adapt for the better and how acknowledging his past has given him a new perspective on addiction and survival. 

Some of the talking points covered in this episode include:

  • How growing up in the Bronx shaped Craig’s childhood in a much different way. 
  • The roles Craig took on to adapt and survive in his environment.
  • Doing the inner child work to acknowledge and show gratitude for the moments that shaped him – no matter how positive or negative those experiences were. 
  • How Craig was able to take his learned survival tactics and apply them to intentionally go after his goals in life. 

Everyone has their own journey but sometimes it’s about your perspective on the journey that makes all the difference. Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on living a more whole life and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

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What is Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery?

This is the podcast “Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery.” It will help people who want to heal to move from fragmented to whole.

Hi, I’m Barb! I share my experience, strength and hope from 12 step recovery in each episode. They’re all 20 minutes or less. Unlike most recovery podcasts where you hear a person’s whole story, in this one each episode is about a specific topic.

There are many life lessons from 12 step recovery that are applicable to those in and outside of recovery. This podcast brings some of those lessons to the airwaves, including such topics as learning acceptance, recognizing and overcoming victim mentality and establishing healthy boundaries.

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