Work with Barb


Coaching is about finding the cause of our habits, the cause of our patterns - why we do what we do. And when we discover that, change is sooo much easier!

In my coaching, I help you with your thinking and beliefs which guide all your behaviors. Most us of have ideas about ourselves or the world which are just not true! I can help you figure out what thoughts and beliefs you have (that you probably don't even realize you have!) so you can move forward.

Group Coaching can be found here

Private Coaching page is under construction. Contact me here.


My consulting services consist of teaching you how to do something or doing it for you. One of my favorite things to do (and that I'm really good at!) is helping people set up systems and processes to make their lives easier, more predictable and consistent. We'll find or create a system that works for you!

Motivational Speaking

I love motivating others to believe they can become better versions of themselves, just as I have repeatedly become better versions of myself. I like nothing better than leading workshops and seminars to help others achieve what they once believed was impossible.

Here's a 6-minute video on cultivating an attitude of gratitude. It's a good sampling of the kind of topics I offer.