Stop bending over backwards. It's time to own your power with healthy boundaries!

Learn how to let go of the resentment you feel from agreeing to do things you don't want to so you can live the life you've imagined!

If you'd like to be on my waiting list for Group Coaching, please click the Contact Link above. The next group will begin sometime in the fall of 2021.

A 3-Month Group Coaching Program to Support You in Setting Healthy Boundaries with Your Family So You Can Do What YOU Want without Feeling Guilty!

Program begins soon!

Better Boundaries Group Coaching Is For You If...

  • You feel guilt and shame when you try to set boundaries with your family
  • You don't want to (or know how to) be direct with others
  • You're overwhelmed with what do your next in your life
  • You are so accommodating that you don't even know what you like anymore
  • You're the consummate accommodator and approval seeker
  • You engage in behaviors you're not really proud of
  • You're always focused on others and still have difficulty in your relationships
  • You like the idea of being in a community of other boundary-builders who are working on the same goals as you are

After Participating in Group Coaching, You'll...

  • Be able to feel peaceful and calm when setting boundaries with your family 
  • Learn to keep the focus on yourself and still be kind and helpful
  • Learn how to communicate directly with people without having a confrontation
  • Your feelings will become more "right-sized" and manageable
  • Do things because you really want to do them, not because you feel like should or have to
  • Live your life by your own values and feel proud of that
  • Come closer to realizing your authentic self so you can live happy, joyous, and free 

In Better Boundaries Group Coaching with Barb You Will Receive:

  • (12) weekly 90-minute group coaching calls on Zoom
  • A growing multi-media curriculum of my best articles & podcasts on building better healthy boundaries!
  • Weekly training exercises to build your own boundary system
  • A Private, Safe, & Loving Facebook Group Community of boundary-builders and boundary buddies
  • BONUS! Free access to my membership community Secure, Loved and Brave which is filled with self-care and personal development worksheets and resources while you're a group coaching client!
Barb Nangle

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What people are saying

"I have been working on boundaries for over 20 years and your [Barb's] presentation was the BEST I have ever seen, read or experienced. I hope you will take this further and put it in a book."

~ B.

"I found working in a group a safer way to deal with my own stuff for two reasons: I can see other people’s pattern that I also have easier in them and it is comforting finding out I’m not alone in having that pattern.  This created more compassion for myself and others."

~ L.

"It was very simple to follow...Visuals were amazing ( I even shared with my grown children). Very well organized...your passion and your personal experience...was number 1."

~ S.

"You [Barb] ROCKED IT...Your workshop was one of my favorites...lots of motivation to set better boundaries and more confidence about how to do it."

~ A.

"I really liked that in all of the discussions we had, every session there were multiple things that someone relayed that was really profound to someone else and significantly helped them on understanding the new topics we were learning."

~  Anonymous Boundaries Group Coaching Member

"I have never seen boundaries presented in such an amazing way. I will be working on it diligently in the next few days and weeks ahead. Love the fences and visuals."

~ B.