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Why hire Barb as your speaker?

Barb has transformed her own life and the lives of hundreds of others by speaking, writing and coaching on boundaries. Her clients thrive by taking more control over their personal and professional lives. Organizations have less turnover and less conflict when their employees have healthy boundaries. It's that simple.

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The 🌟 Higher Powered 🌟 5-Part Framework

Avoid overwhelm, burnout and turnover in your organization











Beliefs are often so deep we don't even know that we believe things that are not true. The mindset or your organization's members will be altered in two ways:

  1. Debunking unconscious scripts that are getting in the way of setting healthy boundaries.
  2. Disrupt old patterns of thinking about self and others that aren't helpful.

Your org's members will undo long-standing patterns of thinking and behavior that have not been serving them or your org. Each person will walk away with boundaries tailored just for them. These will remind each person going forward what they need to do to uphold and maintain their own boundaries so they can thrive and create an organization that thrives.

Our core ideals and values matter. When we clarify our top values, we can then build boundaries in alignment with those values. This ensures that people stay in alignment with their values, making it easier to set and maintain healthy boundaries. This greatly reduces their likelihood of getting overwhelmed and burnt out.

People with poor boundaries are frequently focused on others, which is an endless drain on their energy. Your organization's members will learn to keep the focus on themselves (the only thing they can control!). They'll learn to do this in four ways:

  1. What do *I* want?
  2. Am I staying in my own lane?
  3. What's my part here?
  4. How do I sustain self-care so I don't get burnt out?


Delivering your message when setting boundaries so it has impact requires empowered communication. Your organization's members will become empowered to directly communicate with others based on recommended tips and scripts, no matter what their role in the organization.


This framework will position your organization's members to show up in ways they weren't previously able. They'll have an altered mindset which will allow them to undo those life-long patterns that weren't serving them or your organization. They'll know how to focus on themselves and stay in their own lane, have empowered communication skills and be in alignment with their values and ideals, as well as the organization's.

Speaking Topics

helping professional

Boundaries for Helping Professionals

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Boundaries for Nonprofits

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small business owern

Boundaries for Small Business Owners

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“Barb facilitated a wonderful session about managing boundaries at work - she made it digestible, fun, and empowering even with a short timeline! I'd love to bring her back for a half or full-day workshop."

Roz Zavras, Aropa Consulting &
Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the
New Haven Free Public Library

Shannon Malkin Daniels

I was introduced to Barb through a mutual friend and was immediately inspired by her work and message. When planning SOW Victory Fest, an international virtual event, it was a no-brainer to invite Barb to speak. She easily connected with our audience by sharing her personal story in a compelling manner. Barb's message made it clear that it IS possible to go from bending over backward and unnecessarily sacrificing yourself to having healthy boundaries - even if you've been doing so for decades - and she shared actionable steps for how to do just that. Barb has an engaging and motivational speaking style so when it came time to select speakers for another event we were hosting, it was an easy "yes" to invite Barb to take the stage and inspire our attendees. 

Shannon Malkin Daniels,
Founder & CEO, encaptive


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