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What is the Single Mother's Discount Card?


The SMDC is a win-win economic proposition. Much like student discounts or senior discounts, the SMDC addresses the gendered economic disparities built into our society. To learn more about the SMDC in general (how to sign up, where it's accepted, how your business can start accepting it), click here.

Every organization that offers a single mother's discount gets to choose its own discount rate. I'm following the recommendation of Mindi Englart (who created the SMDC program) to offer an 18% discount rate to single moms. That's the difference between the average wage of women compared to men. That 18% doesn't account for the staggering difference between the wages of BIPOC women and white men, but it's a start!

If you're interested in coaching with me and want the single mom's discount, please complete the form on the left. I'll respond back with instructions for how to get the discount.

The discounted coaching programs I offer are:

Private Better Boundaries Coaching Program. 18% discount

Group Better Boundaries Coaching Program. 18% discount

90-minute Romantic Boundaries Coaching Intensive. 18% discount

No other discounts may be combined with this one.


To receive your discount, either enter your name to the left, or email me here to let me know you're interested in it and I'll give you a discount code when you sign up.