Fragmented to Whole

Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery

This podcast can help you go from fragmented to whole. The title of the podcast comes from my journey of recovery in 12 step programs where I came in feeling fragmented and now I AM WHOLE. I talk about how that happened, and many of the lessons I've learned in recovery. I cover such topics as learning acceptance, overcoming unrealistic expectations, intimacy, forgiveness and boundaries.

All episodes are 20 minutes or less, most are less than 15. The first episode is my story in brief so you'll hear about the kind of profound life changes that I experienced in 12-step recovery. Other episodes cover specific topics such as Acceptance, Victim Mentality, Overcoming Negative Thought Loops, etc. You don't have to be in recovery to benefit from it though!

One last (very important) thing. I don't speak for or endorse any particular 12 step program of recovery. Though I'm a huge fan of 12 step recovery, and a member of two 12 step fellowships, I cannot speak them. Take what you want and leave the rest.

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Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery

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Ep 241 – 3 Conceptual Shifts Learned in Recovery and How They’ll Change Your Life

It’s occurred to me recently that a huge part of 12-step recovery is changing our perceptions or the ways in which we perceive certain concepts. And when we can make these mental shifts, the way we view our circumstances or situations we find ourselves in changes drastically. This week’s episode 241 of the Fragmented to Whole…

Ep 240 – From Abuse to Abundance with Tiffany Carter

Content Warning: This episode includes mentions of grooming, sexual abuse of a minor, and suicidal ideations.  If you’ve experienced abuse and hit rock bottom it can feel in that moment that you’ll never be able to get yourself out. Fortunately, there is a path out but the hard truth of the matter is that the…

Ep 239 – Little T vs. Big T Trauma: What they are and why they matter to your mental health and recovery

When most people think of trauma, they’re thinking of the trauma that comes to those who have survived hurricanes, sexual assault, war, etc. This type of trauma is what we refer to as big T trauma but this isn’t the only type of trauma. There is another kind of trauma known as little T trauma…

Ep 238 – Why Self-Care is Not Selfish, It’s Self-Preservation

Many of us don’t take good care of ourselves. We’re completely drained, run ragged, and exhausted and yet, we still try to give to others. Instead of continually pouring from an empty cup, pour from the overflow. And the only way your cup is going to have overflow is if YOU fill it. This week’s…

Ep 237 – How Service in Recovery Leads to Our Own Personal Well-Being

There’s a chapter in the ACA fellowship book called The Importance of Service in ACA that I refer to as the ‘stealth chapter.’ I say this because at face value it seems like it is going to be a light chapter but it is one of the heaviest and most relatable chapters in the book.…

Ep 236 – How to Go from Hurting to Healing to Helping

One of the things the ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families) literature says is “We progress from hurting to healing to helping and we awaken to a sense of wholeness we never knew possible.” I can attest, this has proven to be true in my own recovery experience. This week’s episode 236 of…

Ep 235 – Stop Trying to Win the Trauma Olympics By Comparing Your Trauma to Others

Content Warning: This episode includes brief mentions of abuse and other experiences that can cause trauma.  We so easily compare ourselves to the people around us. While we can admit that comparison is not helpful, it can be especially harmful when we start comparing our trauma because it keeps us from healing. This week’s episode…

Ep 234 – My Random Recovery Ramblings from the Middle of the Night

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt compelled to record the thoughts that were running through my head. I wanted to do this to share with you the constant mindset shifts and revelations I have as a result of my recovery journey. This week’s episode 234 of the Fragmented to Whole…

Ep 233 – How to Resolve Irreconcilable Differences- Two Powerful Mind Shifts for Stronger Relationships

Every relationship has some type of irreconcilable differences and you are never going to be able to change these things about your partner or turn them into a different kind of person. The way we negotiate how we’re going to handle these differences directly determines the quality of our relationships. This week’s episode 233 of…

Ep 232 – What Ruminating and Catastrophizing Are and Two Tools for How to Stop

I’ve come to realize through recovery that, even though I’ve always been a positive and optimistic person, I did a ton of ruminating about the past and catastrophizing about the future. This week’s episode 232 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about what ruminating and catastrophizing are and the tools to stop! Support the…

Ep 231 – Tools for How to Enjoy Your Vacation- MYOB and Zip It!

I am reminded of the question, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” I know for a fact that before I was in recovery, I wanted to be right. After recovery, my priorities have shifted drastically. This week’s episode 231 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about tools for how…

Ep 230 – From G.E.D to Ph.D. with Melissa “Dr. Mo” Dittberner

Today’s guest genuinely had an incredible full-circle journey from addiction at a young age, dropping out of high school, getting her G.E.D. and later her Ph.D. to teaching the next generation of supporters for those in recovery. This week’s episode 230 of the Fragmented to Whole Podcast is about how Melissa went from G.E.D. to…

What listeners are saying

"Barb, it's clear that you're speaking from your lived experience, and what you talk about is beyond the rooms of recovery. You actually operationalize recovery."

- C

"Your podcast was a delight to listen to. Authenticity, sincerity starts within and re-parenting oneself with gentleness, humor, love and respect are the tools that fuels the process."

- A

"Full of useful, helpful guidance!!!! So, I say thank you for your efforts! It was not preachy at all - and I guard against 'preachiness.' ...Thank you for your efforts Barb."

- A.C

"I play [your podcasts] for people when I give them rides home from meetings. They find them awesome as I do...I am hoping to begin using your podcasts in groups at work - short enough to hold people's attention and wonderful topics that all can benefit from as we try to bring healing and freedom from suffering into the are a delight and a noble soul. Thank you. Grateful for your commitment to help heal our planet."

- R

"If I had to describe it....I bathed in episodes 1-3 this morning and I feel much more prepared to engage in the tasks that will bring me success...thank you."

- V

"You have opened doors in my mind that I did not know existed. Listening to you and your podcasts has made an enormous impact on my life, and now my outlook. You rock!" ~ A.

"Thank you, Barb! Listening to your podcast gave me hope that you could help me.

Framing everything through the lens of “boundaries” made sense to me. Something “clicked.” I realized many of my own struggles – maybe all of them – could be seen through the same lens. I also felt – after bingeing your podcasts – that I already knew you and that you were a straight shooter. You experienced many of the challenges that I was facing, and I greatly appreciated your willingness to share openly and honestly. And I was so encouraged to hear you talk about how much better your life is after starting your own recovery journey." ~ K

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