Fragmented to Whole Podcast 18: One Day at a Time

This often-quoted 12 step slogan is explained to highlight the importance of breaking things down into smaller parts which results in much less anxiety and

Show Notes
This slogan helps remind us to keep the focus on the present, rather than living into “the wreckage of the future.” In this episode, you will learn how to keep the focus on yourself in the here and now so as to not live into the wreckage of the future. Doing this will result in much less worry and anxiety.

“Barb. My goodness. I just finished your [One Day at a Time] podcast. It was incredible. Thank you….So I’ve listened to your first podcast. I was connected to what you said especially how your life has changed.  “PAUSE,” which I’ve learned about and love. And flawsome. Amen…Thanks so much. You give hope. It was powerful…Just listened to #2 Acceptance. Gonna have to listen again. It was powerful. What really comes across is your sincerity. Thanks.” ~ K

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