Kind Words from AMAZING People

I'm over the moon just thinking about all
the kind words people have said to and about me!

I created this page because so many of my clients share lots of details about their work with me and it feels wrong to keep it all to myself! However, I don't want to overwhelm readers with their full testimonials unless they actually WANT to read them. So here you go!

yay barb

~ Lauren

~ Emilie

~ Louise B.

When I started working with Barb I was in a state of transition in my life. I was grieving my husband who, although still alive, was in long-term care and unable to function physically and mentally. I had made the decision to start living my life for me. But  the prospect was daunting. It meant setting boundaries on everything from my finances to my time after years of putting my husband and my extended family first. Barb helped me to value and respect myself and to make that my center. I intellectually knew a lot about boundaries after more than a decade in Al Anon. The difference in working with Barb was her help in applying the principles to my present life and situation, her fresh way of explaining and conceptualizing those principles, and talking them through weekly with her. I had already become hooked on her podcasts. Working with her for three months put me on firm ground to start living a life of valuing and understanding myself. I can’t thank her enough!

~ Karie W.

Working with Barb has been one of the best gifts I could have given myself. She helped me understand my anxieties, helped me understand the value in setting boundaries for myself and others-and has been a true support when I needed it most.

Her work is thorough and concise, but more than that, she has an amazing understanding of recovery. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the work I did with this amazing inspiration of a person. ❤️

~ Diana L.

Before joining the coaching program Better Boundaries with Barb, I had done some reading on and had some practice setting boundaries but I was still full of self doubt and second guessing many of my “boundaries of self-protection”.

This program helped me to “take off the masks” I was wearing and get really honest about what my values, resources, strengths, and needs are today. Further, I learned how to use my specific highest values as a guide for decision making that enables me to live with integrity. Knowing how to do that has eliminated much of the self-doubt and second guessing I was experiencing.

Anyone ready to get clear on who they truly are today and how to live into that truth would benefit from working through this program guided by Barb’s wisdom and expertise on boundaries.

Again, I am so thankful for your help and will (and have already) recommend your program to others I think would benefit from working with you.

~ Jean L.

Without the ability to set and maintain the boundaries I needed, I couldn’t operate in the world without tending to others first, whether or not they asked for or wanted my help. Being so unapologetically other-focused, my only tool for relief was to cut people off and isolate when I hit a wall. Yet having squashed my needs and feelings for so long, I could no longer find any peace in isolation either.

Listening to Barb’s podcasts, I decided to take a chance with her, and it changed my life. As I moved through her 1:1 coaching program, I gained an understanding of why, where, and how to set boundaries, and got started right away. I trusted Barb’s immense scholarship, and quickly felt all the warmth and growth that is possible for a person when a lifelong shame finally thaws. Self-compassion is real for me now, for the first time EVER. No exaggeration. Boundaries are everything, and Barb is the master.

~ Denise D.

Before working with Barb I had relationships in all areas of my life that did not serve my highest good and that compromised my authenticity. With Barb I have learned how to set boundaries with effective communication that brings so much more peace and happiness to my life.
It’s a daily struggle, but Barb offers so many tools and materials and wisdom. I now understand that not only am I allowed to say and 'no' and what works for me, but that it’s a requirement for a happy life.   She’s such a kind and amazing person and has access to so much knowledge.

~ Jeanette M.

~ Carol L.

~Sarah G.

~ Chris L.

~ Cathy R.

~ Carrie B.

I came into coaching with Barb burnt out and ready for change . I was trying so hard at work, family and my marriage but feeling sad and angry much of the time . After working through the 12 steps in my recovery program, I saw that I needed to be honest with myself and others , and ask for what I need rather than replaying old patterns of manipulation and people pleasing. I needed help on how to do that.

I heard Barb on a podcast, looked up her podcast and website , and decided to work with her to learn how to build better boundaries, and stop people pleasing and manipulating. 

I feel like my Higher Power put Barb in my life at the right time . I learned that by getting clear on my values, and finding and prioritizing my integrity in those values , my boundaries became more clear and my ability to set them became easier. Barb taught me concrete strategies to say my boundaries and follow through on them. She helped me understand they are FOR me , not AGAINST anyone. I’m learning how my boundaries are the map I can share with others to build intimacy in my relationships, rather than being quiet and growing resentment in my old ways of interaction. I’m learning to grow intimacy rather than resentment.

After coaching, I’m growing and experiencing closer relationships with friends and family , and letting go of old patterns that were harmful to me and others . I feel a new freedom.

If someone is looking for more peace, and deep connection in their relationships with others and themselves, working with Barb will give you necessary tools and strategies to help you get there.
I’m grateful for my coaching experience with Barb. She helped me change my life and my relationships in positive ways .