Are You Tired of the Same Patterns in Your Relationships?

  • Break the patterns of your previous relationships
  • Create a life aligned with your values
  • Eliminate romantic self-sabotage
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90-Minute Romantic Boundaries Intensive Coaching Session

This 90-Minute Intensive Coaching Session Is For You If...

  • you have the same dysfunctional patterns recurring in your romantic relationships
  • you crave a long-term, committed and authentic relationship where you can relax and be yourself
  • you do and say things in your relationships that you're not really proud of
  • you want to lower those walls and let people in
  • you're starting to think maybe it's YOU that needs to change

After This 90-Minute Intensive Coaching Session, You'll...

  • break the pattern of your previous relationships
  • become emotionally available to YOURSELF & attract emotionally available partners
  • learn to live in alignment with your values so YOU like yourself (which means you’ll attract people who like you just the way you are)!
  • get in touch with and create your authentic self
  • bring an end to your self-sabotage!

Barb Nangle

After dozens of dysfunctional relationships,
I'm finally in a fantastic, committed relationship.
It has EVERYTHING to do with my boundaries!
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In this intensive coaching session, you'll...

  • Set the intention for your romantic relationship - whether you're currently in one or not
  • Develop your own personalized romantic boundary system
  • Create an action plan based on your boundary system
  • Release your sabotaging behaviors

Who is this intensive coaching session for?

  • Humans!
  • If you're a cisgender man or woman, trans or non-binary
  • If you're attracted to women or men, or gender doesn't matter
  • If you're into monogamy, polyamory or any other type of relationship
  • If you're currently in a committed relationship, dating or haven't dated in years

What people are saying...

"Prior to the session with Barb, I was in 3 long-term relationships… They were all abusive in one form or another, and I stayed because I had low self-esteem and no set values of my own…I knew what I didn’t want, however, until I did the session with Barb, I did not know how to go about getting what I wanted."

"My wins from this session were learning to understand exactly what my values were, and to set boundaries for myself.  I realized that the values I was looking for in a partner (being authentic and honest) needed to be my values as well… I was not being authentic because I was not being honest.  In other words, instead of me being totally honest with someone and saying that we’re not a match, etc., I would sugarcoat it in order not to offend them.  Another win was learning that boundaries are not a wall, but rather a fence to protect you with a gate... I have new freedom in my life.  I now strive to be honest and set boundaries as needed. I never had boundaries before. I have not met anyone yet, however, I know that I will attract someone with my same values as long as I remain true to myself.  I’m am enough!"

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$495 to Change Your Romantic Life!

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“You're so inspiring Barb, you really have changed my life. You taught me that if I want to be around authentic people, then I have to be authentic." ~ Romantic Boundaries Coaching Client

"I told my friend yesterday [the day before the coaching session] that I thought I made a HUGE mistake paying this much money, but it's been worth EVERY penny! I got WAY more than I ever expected!" ~ Romantic Boundaries Coaching Client