Need to change but don't know how?

Most us of have ideas about ourselves (and the world) which are just not true!

I can help you figure out what thoughts and beliefs you have that aren't serving you – that you may not even realize you have! I'm especially gifted at helping people develop healthy boundaries (learn more here)

Please choose whichever path below feels most appropriate to you.

Stop the Self Hate

If you hate yourself (or maybe even loathe yourself), I can help you grow to love yourself. Even if you don't believe it's possible!

Substance Use & Compulsion Recovery

If you're a "dry drunk" or lost your serenity and want to become happy, joyous and free, I can help!

Boundary Setting

As a former codependent myself, I can help you recover from codependency, set healthy boundaries and keep the focus on yourself!

I've transformed my life repeatedly - financially, physically, emotionally, psychologically and professionally, so I know what it takes to transform your life!

Barb Nangle

Barb Nangle portrait Feb 2023

Mission: The mission of Higher Power Coaching & Consulting is to help people heal their emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds, and change their entrenched patterns of dysfunctional behavior. HPC & C empowers people to thrive by taking more control over their lives by building personal and professional boundaries.

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"Within four weeks [of coaching] with Barb, I had experienced more growth than I had experienced in 4 years with my private therapist. The person I have become with the help of Barb’s guidance is a person that I, for once in my life, truly love. The person I spent years hoping, wishing, and wanting to become is now living in MY body." ~ C.

"You were able to clearly and vividly express your ideas. You're an active listener and you really validated my feelings and my experiences, while also helping me to see things with new eyes." ~ P.

"When I returned to work [after summer coaching with Barb] I was able to do a better job and support my colleagues bc I was able to detach and be the stable force. And I no longer over-schedule myself on weeknights." ~ I.


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