Episode 107: The Importance of Boundaries in 12-Step Recovery: Learning from the Outside In


There are several means by which 12-step recovery programs impose boundaries on us. These include the Serenity Prayer, program slogans, several common meeting practices, as well as seven of the 12 Traditions. By having these healthy boundaries imposed from the outside first, we learn to form healthy boundaries of our from inside.

The episode I referred to on boundaries of self-containment and boundaries of self-protection is episode 48 (I mistakenly said 43 on the podcast!). It’s available here: https://higherpowercc.com/2020/11/05/fragmented-to-whole-podcast-48-boundaries-of-self-containment-and-self-protection/

What is Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery?

This is the podcast “Fragmented to Whole: Life Lessons from 12 Step Recovery.” It will help people who want to heal to move from fragmented to whole.

Hi, I’m Barb! I share my experience, strength and hope from 12 step recovery in each episode. They’re all 20 minutes or less. Unlike most recovery podcasts where you hear a person’s whole story, in this one each episode is about a specific topic.

There are many life lessons from 12 step recovery that are applicable to those in and outside of recovery. This podcast brings some of those lessons to the airwaves, including such topics as learning acceptance, recognizing and overcoming victim mentality and establishing healthy boundaries.

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