🌟Year End Specials for 2022🌟

11-13-22 start 2023 s boundaries


I'm in the mood to celebrate the holidays and YOU GET TO BENEFIT! If you want to start 2023 with healthy boundaries, here's your chance! Everything's on sale thru 12/31/22!! 🎈

NOTE: You need to book and pay in 2022 to take advantage of these prices*, but you don't have to book your coaching in 2022, you can book it in 2023.

Here's what I have to offer (see below for details and links):

  • "Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day" for women business owners
  • My signature 12-week Private coaching program for the most intensive boundaries coaching I offer with TONS of 1:1 time with me
  • Romantic Boundaries Intensive Coaching session for anyone whose unhappy with their relationship patterns
  • 1:1 coaching sessions on any topic for those who want coaching with me on any topic
  • "6 Weeks to Better Boundaries with Barb" online self-led course


✨I'll be closed for coaching from 12/23/22 through 1/1/23✨
This VIP Day is a one day, 1:1 intensive workshop. It's for you if…⁠
→Your business has taken over your life⁠
→You’ve been planning FOR YEARS to implement things in your business that will take it to the next level but never get to them because you just can’t seem to follow through for yourself⁠
→You find it extremely difficult to delegate because you’re afraid people won’t do it right or that you SHOULD BE able to do it all!⁠
→You keep allowing your clients to expand the scope of the work you do for them without charging them more!⁠
→You’ve had clients for YEARS that are paying you WAY LESS than you’re worth and you’re afraid to let them go or charge more because of your long-standing relationship⁠
→You neglect your body, mind, spirit and relationships because of your business⁠
→You’re starting to resent your business (or maybe you already do!)⁠
→You’re “spinning your wheels” in your business and not making the headway you intended by now⁠
→You’re completely overwhelmed and burnt out by your business and long for the days when you started your business and are eager for the love you had for it when you created it to return⁠

For more details, click here to go the Feminine Biz Boundaries VIP Day page.*

SAVE $500* (regularly $2000), COUPON CODE: vipforme2023

* Please note: normally you wouldn't pay for the VIP day until we have our 15-minute call. Given the holiday break you may not be able to book the call until January. However, to take advantage of this special you'll have to pay by 12/31/22 which you can do at this link. Be sure to use the coupon code: holidayboundaries22. If you're not convinced the VIP day is for you after our 15 minute call, I'll refund your money.

This is a 12-week one-on-one boundaries coaching program where you get the highest level of 1:1 support from me to go through all your scenarios in detail. We'll work together to build your own personalized boundary system.

After participating in private boundaries coaching with me, you'll...

  • Be able to feel peaceful and calm when setting boundaries
  • Know how to communicate directly with people
  • Your feelings will become more "right-sized"
  • Do things because you really want to do them, not because you feel obligated
  • Live your life by your own values and feel proud of that
  • Learn to keep the focus on yourself and still be kind and helpful
  • Come closer to realizing your authentic identity

For more details, click here to go to the Private Boundaries Coaching page.

SAVE $300 (regularly $2400), COUPON CODE: myboundarysystem22

This Romantic Boundaries Intensive Coaching session is for you if you have the same dysfunctional patterns recurring in your romantic relationships.

After this intensive coaching session, you'll be able to...

  • break the pattern of your previous relationships
  • become emotionally available to YOURSELF & attract emotionally available partners
  • learn to live in alignment with your values so YOU like yourself (which means you’ll attract people who like you just the way you are)!
  • get in touch with and create your authentic self
  • bring an end to your self-sabotage!

For more details, click here to go to the Romantic Boundaries Coaching page.

SAVE $200 (regularly $495), no coupon code required, just book by 12/31/22




You can get coaching from me on ANY topic! These are one-off sessions that are not part of any curriculum or coaching program.

For more details, click here to go to the One-on-One Coaching page.

SAVE $25 on One 1:1 session (regularly $200)*
SAVE $50 on Three 1:1 sessions (regularly $500)*

* No coupon codes required, just book by 12/31/22

Take this online course in the privacy of your own home. It's not a live class so you can do it in the middle of the night if you want! The lessons are paced so you'll get a new one each week. This will allow you time to let the things you've learned sink in before you move on to the next lesson!
BONUS! When you finish the course, you get a free one-hour coaching session with me (which is worth more than the price of this entire course!)⁠

Save $50 (Regularly $149), COUPON CODE: courseforme22