Boundaries help you define yourself – what you like, don’t like, want, need and prefer.

This workbook will empower you to do that.

  • 133-page book available as a paperback or PDF
  • Dozens of exercises to help you build better boundaries
  • Includes "baby steps" to build your own personalized boundary system

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Better Boundaries with Barb Workbook

Boundaries help you define yourself – what you like, don’t like, want, need and prefer. This workbook will help you do just that. Many of us don’t set boundaries because we’re paralyzed by guilt and shame. This workbook will help you overcome that as well. When you complete this workbook, you’ll have your very own personalize boundary system. Here’s what’s included:

Module 1: Mindset  - What you think and the way you think have everything to do with the quality of your life.

Module 2: Communicating – Learn tips and scripts for communicating about your boundaries to others.

Module 3: Masks – Learn to shed the masks you’ve been wearing to protect yourself and replace them with healthy boundaries, bringing you closer to your authentic self.

Module 4: Fences, Gates & Consequence – The metaphor of your boundaries being like fences with gates is introduced, as is the requirement for having consequences for your boundaries.

Module 5: Who Owns What – You’ll come to understand what is truly your “property” and what is not so you can manage your own property and stay out of others’ business.

Module 6: Let the Good InKeep the Bad Out – You’ll learn how healthy boundaries not only help us keep “bad” things out, they also allow us to let “good” things in.


Module 7: Boundaries of Self-Protection – These boundaries will help protect you from toxic environments and people, as well as minimize how frequently you get triggered by such situations.

Module 8: Boundaries of Self-Containment – These boundaries will help you to stop doing things that are putting you in harm’s way, and/or creating chaos and dysfunction for those around you.

Module 9: Holding onto Your Property - This module will help you to think about your resources of love, money, time and energy so that you’re not giving them all away and you can learn to live a well-balanced life.

Module 10: Alignment with Your Values - Boundaries allow us to live our lives on purpose, and the way we do that is by living according to what we value most.

Module 11: The Importance of Connection - It can change everything when you have someone on your side when you’re going through the difficult process of changing life-long patterns!

Module 12: Building Your Personal Boundary System – In this module you’ll review the key takeaways for your from the previous 11 modules, then plug them all into a one-page grid to create your own personal boundary system.