Coaching is about finding the cause of our habits, the cause of our patterns - why we do what we do. And when we discover that, change is sooo much easier!

When I coach you, I'm pretty much working with you on your thinking and beliefs. Most us of have ideas about ourselves or the world which are just not true! I can help you figure out what thoughts and beliefs you have (that you probably don't even realize you have!) so you can move forward.

6 weeks to Better Boundaries with Barb

Tuesdays, January 5-February 9, 2021
4:30-6:00 p.m. EST

This group coaching program will include

  • six weekly 90-minute group Zoom calls
  • weekly exercises
  • a community of boundary-builders and boundary buddies
  • a multi-media curriculum on how to build better boundaries!

A $1350 value

Normally $700

This pilot only $350!

Barb Nangle