Review & Renew Retreat

Unlock Your Best Year Yet!

Reflect, Renew, and Redefine
Your Path to Success in 2024


Review and Renew Retreat

A Year End Ritual to Take You on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Purposeful Planning into the New Year!

Thursday, December 28, 2023
1:00p.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST/ 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. PST


Saturday, January 6, 2024
2:00p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST/ 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PST


🌟 Join Us for the Review and Renew Retreat: A Year-End Ritual! 🌟

As we bid farewell to 2023 and eagerly await the dawn of 2024, let's come together for a transformative experience at the Review and Renew Retreat. 📆✨

🌈 Reviewing 2023: Reflect on Your Journey

Dig deep into the highs and lows of each season across nine crucial aspects of your life. Personal, professional, social, home, health, spiritual, financial, recreation, and the influence of people/events. Take a stroll down memory lane with your 2023 calendar in hand and uncover the valuable lessons each experience holds.

💡 Discover Your Top Five Values

Identify and jot down your top five values. Keep these beacons in mind as you evaluate your habits and thought patterns from 2023. Which served you well, aligning with your values, and which hindered your journey? Draw a line through what you want to leave behind and circle what you want to carry into 2024.

📝 Planning 2024: Live Your Life on Purpose

You’ll commit to living your life on purpose in 2024 by writing a statement to yourself, then sign it. Remember, "Consistency in small things is no small thing." Envision the habits and thought patterns that will guide you, and consider the changes needed in managing your most precious resource—time.

Set Goals and Objectives for 2024

List your general goals and objectives for 2024. What immediate actions can you take in the new year to enhance your life? Identify a keystone habit that will pave the way for success and think about accountability—how will you stay true to your purpose?

🔄 Reflect on Your Journey in 2024

In the space provided, map out the seasons of 2024. Incorporate the circled items from your reflections and add new habits, thought patterns, goals, and objectives. Think holistically, drawing inspiration from the areas you considered earlier.

📬 Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Prepare an envelope and note card or paper. Write a note to your future self, something you'll open when you receive our reminder in June. What encouraging words will you need then to stay on track in living your life on purpose in 2024?

🌟 Join us for this soulful journey of reflection and renewal as we step into the new year with intention and purpose. Let's make 2024 a year of growth, joy, and fulfillment! See you at the Review and Renew Retreat! 🌟 #ReviewRenewReflect #NewYearNewIntentions #LiveOnPurpose2024


This retreat is for you if...

  • You're riddled with guilt when you even think of saying no
  • The idea of trying to meet your needs or (God forbid!) asking someone for help gives you a flood of shame
  • Any time you try to set boundaries with others, you cave in to their wishes
  • You're tired of trying to make changes on your own and you want the support of a group of other women trying to make the same kind of changes as you
  • You want expert coaching and would benefit from the accountability of being in a group

This retreat is *NOT* for you if...

  • You're not ready to try something different and take action
  • You think other people changing will solve your problems
  • You're not ready to follow through and do something for yourself
  • You can't handle me swearing or talking about God
  • You're looking for an embodied, somatic healing experience rather than a mindset and behavioral approach (you might like this podcast and these courses)
  • You prefer to work one-on-one with me (click here for private coaching info)

For This Retreat You'll Get:

  • A values exercise to do before the retreat to determine your top five values so you can live into 2024 purposefully and in alignment with what's important to you
  • A permission slip letting you know that it's okay for you to do whatever the fuck you want with your life!
  • A 3-hour retreat that will blow your mind as you take what you like from 2023, leave the rest, and embed your plans into 2024
  • A worksheet to create plans of action to embed everything you came up with during the retreat into 2024
  • A complimentary 15-minute coaching call with Barb in February to keep you on track with your plans of action
  • A reminder in June from Barb to open up the note you wrote to yourself during the retreat to keep you motivated and on track