The Write Time Retreat

A weekend women's retreat for writers and other content creators

8 hours of focused content creation in a pleasure-filled weekend!

If you've been waiting for The Right Time - this is it!!

Fulfill your need for both solitude AND companionship with those who understand what drives you.

You’ll come away refreshed, energized, filled with enthusiasm, with a sh*tload of content and bonded to a community of women content creators!

Feed Your Creativity * Boost Your Productivity * Develop Sustainable Good Habits * Become Energized and Inspired * Build and Bond with a Community

7:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5 - 5:00 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021
New Haven, CT across from the beaches on the harbor

The Five Pillars of the Write Time Retreat

Pillar #1: Feed Your Creativity

  • Experience nutritious foods that fuel you and don’t weigh you down
  • Embody fun and relaxation to give your mind a break
  • Create synergy with other women creators 
  • Engage in health and fitness activities that relax, nourish and sustain you
  • Bond with the muse thru yoga, meditation, creating crafts, walking on the seashore or in one of three parks within walking distance

Pillar #2: Boost Your Productivity

  • Step away from the distractions of everyday life so you can get super-focused to tap into the potential inside you as you create content for your business and clients
  • Experience a combination of structured and unstructured time to give your mind a break but also keep it focused
  • Kickstart that project you’ve been “waiting for the right time” to get started or to take across the finish line
  • Be surrounded by other creators in the process of creation will push you to do more
  • Build momentum that launches you into the winter season of writing

Pillar #3: Develop Sustainable Good Habits

  • Hold yourself accountable for your time with the help of others
  • Plan before you work
  • Stay focused on one task at a time
  • Learn what works for you in the context of the retreat so you can take home a routine that you can protect and cherish

Pillar #4: Become Energized and Inspired

  • Motivation and inspiration from Barb and other retreat members
  • Make an investment in yourself and your craft by devoting time, energy, love and commitment to content creation
  • Draw inspiration from your retreat peers
  • Get saturated with creative energy and inspiration as you share your work and others share theirs
  • Dive into health and fitness activities that revitalize you 

Pillar #5: Build and bond with a Community

  • You’ll be surrounded by women who are also committed to building their business and their brand
  • Make life-long friends
  • Share your fears and your challenges with similarly committed and productive others who will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone
  • There will be a Facebook group for those who attend this retreat that will continue so we can support each other between retreats
  • Have fun outdoors, doing crafts, playing board games, having dance parties, watching movies…

Retreat Schedule

This retreat includes 8 hours of focused content creation time in a pleasure-filled weekend 


7:00 p.m.     Arrival

7:30-8:00    Prep talk: Overview of the retreat and what to expect

8:00-8:30    Introspection & Intention Setting Ritual: Set Your Work Boundaries for the Retreat.
Break your project down into 8 one-hour chunks so you know what you’re working on
during each of the content creation sessions

8:30-9:00    Group Manifestation: Share out loud what your plan to manifest by the end of the

9:00-11:00   Bonding Break. Possible activities include: * Friday night dance party! * Wind down with
yoga * Crafting * Board games * Late night beach walk 

Optional Evening Meditation

11:00        Rest and relaxation



Optional Morning Meditation

Bonding and fueling breakfast catered by Vegan Ahava 

9:00-9:10    Prep talk

9:10-9:30    Silent visualization session. spend time thinking about what you want to create. This
should be done in complete silence (no music, not even with earbuds). This time is to
help you get clarity about what you want to create. Be sure to stay on topic during the
full 20 minutes. Write down your ideas that come up. Do this anywhere you’d like inside
or outside.

9:30-11:30  Content Creation Session.  Writing, graphic design, audio or video creation, painting,
drawing, etc. This time is sacrosanct! Content creation only. Get your drinks and go to
the bathroom before you begin. All mobile devices go in the bin. You’ll all work in
silence. If you’d like to listen to music, please use earbuds.

11:30-12:30 Coaching session. What’s coming up for you and what do you need help on? What
was the thinking time like? What are you struggling with (what are the thoughts)? 

12:30-1:30  Bonding and fueling nutritious lunch catered by Vegan Ahava, possible walk
                     on the beach

1:30-3:00    Content Creation Session

3:00-4:00    Sharing and Bonding Session

4:00-5:30    Content Creation

5:30-6:30    Free time 

6:30-7:30    Bonding and fueling with nutritious dinner catered by Vegan Ahava

7:30-11:00 Pleasure Break. Chaila of Bodyworkers will be here to provide 30 minutes of
                    private time per creator for massage, reiki, yoga or fitness. There will be relaxing
                    music in the background. While private sessions with Chailar are going on,
                    options include group or solo time including coaching, chatting, bonding, playing
                    games, dancing, crafting while private sessions are happening 

11:00        Rest and relaxation time



Optional Morning Meditation

Bonding and fueling breakfast catered by Vegan Ahava 

9:00-10:00  Bonding & Sharing Session. Share excerpts of your creations, what’s coming up for
ou? What else might you need help on?

10:00-12:00 Content Creation Session

12:00-2:00   Long, leisurely nutritious lunch catered by Vegan Ahava

2:00-3:00     Content Creation Session

3:00-4:30    Bonding & Sharing Session. Intention-setting for the future: What do you need to stay
connected to yourself and the group?

4:30-5:00    Closing Ceremony Ritual

What's Included in Your Retreat Ticket

  • 8-hrs of focused content creation time surrounded by pleasurable activities
  • An alumni Facebook Group so you can be supported and keep the good habits you created during the retreat 
  • Free delicious healthy food catered by Vegan Ahava 
  • Free lodging across the street from the New Haven Harbor Beaches (at my townhouse) 
  • Welcome bag with goodies, self-care items, and journaling materials 
  • A 30-min private session with Chaila of Body Workers (massage, reiki, yoga, or other fitness activity)
Barb Nangle

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What people are saying

"I have been working on boundaries for over 20 years and your [Barb's] presentation was the BEST I have ever seen, read or experienced. I hope you will take this further and put it in a book."

~ B.

"I found working in a group a safer way to deal with my own stuff for two reasons: I can see other people’s pattern that I also have easier in them and it is comforting finding out I’m not alone in having that pattern.  This created more compassion for myself and others."

~ L.

"The boundaries group really changed my life a lot. I understand how boundaries keep me feeling happy now since I've felt free to establish them. I also don't feel bad about stating my needs anymore (respectfully, of course!)" ~ E.

6 months after Better Boundaries with Barb Group Coaching, L had this to say, "I remember that boundaries are not to keep people out but to keep me in check and figure out what I truly want. I've been much better at not doing things because people will like it. I'm doing what I like first and foremost. I'm doing better at caring for MY time. First knowing what I want is important."

"I really liked that in all of the discussions we had, every session there were multiple things that someone relayed that was really profound to someone else and significantly helped them on understanding the new topics we were learning."

~  Anonymous Boundaries Group Coaching Member

"I have never seen boundaries presented in such an amazing way. I will be working on it diligently in the next few days and weeks ahead. Love the fences and visuals."

~ B.