Boundaries TEST BUNDLE

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Prioritizing for Your Boundaries Worksheet

This 10-page worksheet will help you to figure out what your priorities are in regards to your precious resources of love, money, time, and energy.
You’ll then take a look at where you are actually spending these precious resources, the patterns involved, and how to break those patterns to live in alignment with your priorities. You'll also get the support that you need to do that.

Learn to Keep the Focus On Yourself Worksheet

This is SUPER important, especially for those who don’t have healthy boundaries. And here’s why – you’re the only one you can have control over! You simply cannot control others (or the world) and trying to do so is an unending drain on your energy. When you learn to keep the focus on yourself, you’re learn how to manage your energy in such a way that it benefits you and your loves ones, not just them!



This is a bundle which includes all related materials on boundaries.


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