Are you an overgiving self-neglector?

It's possible to create a balanced life with consistent self-care
while still being helpful to others

I'm living proof! As a former people-pleasing rescuer and volunteer-a-holic, I now give more service to my community than ever before, but I pour from the overflow rather than from an empty cup.

I've transformed my life repeatedly - financially, physically, emotionally, psychologically and professionally, so I know what it takes to transform your life!

Barb Nangle portrait Feb 2023

Barb Nangle
Boundaries Coach

If you're a "woo" professional woman in 12-step recovery who neglects herself and over gives, I see you.


I worked at Yale University for 17 years when I got into 12-step recovery for codependence. I looked on the outside like I had my shit together (and I did in many respects - I have a Master's Degree, career, own a home,  I pays my taxes and volunteer) yet inside I was falling apart. This was especially true in the romance department.

Yet I'd been pursuing personal development for DECADES: I started therapy at 15 and was still in therapy. I'd read a gajillion self-help books, been on retreats, went to workshops and did workbooks and joined support groups, did spiritual work - you name it!.

That stuff all scratched the surface of the "iceberg" of my life and 12-step recovery melted the iceberg.

There are many reasons for that, the bulk of which is that's where I learned how to build healthy boundaries. My "core wound" is codependence and boundaries are the antidote to that. I got to know myself and stop being a chameleon. I came to understand where I end and others begin, and that's it's actually not selfish to put yourself first and fill your own cup. It's actually self preservation and selfLESS because you can then pour from the overflow, rather than pouring from an empty cup.

Let How to Build Healthy Boundaries

As a former codependent myself, I know what it takes to place the focus on what you can control so you're not drained and resentful.

Substance Use & Compulsion Recovery

If you're in 12-step recovery, you're my people! I'm in recovery for addiction, compulsion and obsession and have lots of resources for you!

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"Within four weeks [of coaching] with Barb, I had experienced more growth than I had experienced in 4 years with my private therapist. The person I have become with the help of Barb’s guidance is a person that I, for once in my life, truly love. The person I spent years hoping, wishing, and wanting to become is now living in MY body." ~ C.

"You were able to clearly and vividly express your ideas. You're an active listener and you really validated my feelings and my experiences, while also helping me to see things with new eyes." ~ P.

"When I returned to work [after summer coaching with Barb] I was able to do a better job and support my colleagues bc I was able to detach and be the stable force. And I no longer over-schedule myself on weeknights." ~ I.


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