You Get to Enjoy the Holidays YOUR Way

Without being a jerk about it!

I didn't know that it was possible to have enjoyable holidays where I didn't have to talk about politics, or relive the recurring patterns in my family. Until I did. If you'd like to have more peaceful holidays without having to be a jerk about it, listen to these two episodes and/or read the article below.

Holiday boundaries graphic

Holiday Boundary Episodes

You get to enjoy peaceful and calm holidays. If you've got no idea where to start, listen to these two episodes!

Enjoy the Holidays by Setting Boundaries Now

Good news! You don't have to dread the holidays any longer.

If you’re dreading the holidays because you end up doing things you’re not really interested in doing, or going places you don’t really want go, or exchanging gifts when you don’t feel like it – I’ve got some good news for you!

You get to have the kind of holidays YOU want to have!

It’s OK to ask for what you really want and need during the Holidays. Read more...

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What people are saying

*frantastic ,

Amazing insight

Thank you so much for your service in giving Parts I and II with all of us. I shared it with many travelers which has opened a specific discourse both online and in person about where the reading took each of us. I’m grateful to pass on the service of sharing this with others. It was very powerful for me to hear the BRB brought up outside of a meeting! What a wonderful few pages you walked us through, WOW SO MUCH. I have to say I had several aha’s and have written more than 10 pages in my journal with the podcast as my prompt (: It has also brought my attention back to wanting to read the BRB from beginning to end. I’m finishing up Step 10 this week and attend an in person guidebook meeting. I want to find a BRB study to attend and I’m grateful you led me in this direction. Your podcast was insightful and motivating.

Saski2020 ,

A refreshing podcast on recovery!

This is a fantastic and refreshing podcast on recovery and sobriety!!! It helps me so much! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

looking for fun game ,

We are not alone

Been in recovery from codependency and narcissistic abuse for nearly 8 years, and also recently heard Barb On the Adult Child podcast. Absolutely love the wisdom and sharing by this wonderful being who is obviously ‘doing the work’. It seems the more I work on myself, I am learning that we are a huge family and kudos to those of us who are willing to do the work. Wish I had been ready sooner as the payoffs are remarkable! Thanks Barb for your honesty! 😍