Stop turning yourself inside-out trying to get others to approve of you!

Learn how to shift the focus away from what others think and focus on what YOU think so you can let go of the resentment from agreeing to do things you don't really want to. Stop pleasing everyone but YOU!

This group is closed for 2023, check back next year!

BUILD Better Boundaries
Group Program for Women

An 8-Week Boundary-Building Program So You Can Let Go of the Guilt, Shame and Resentment!

This Is For You If...

  • You feel guilt and shame when you try to say no or set boundaries
  • You're so accommodating that you don't even know what you like anymore
  • You end up being resentful bc you keep saying yes when you really want to say no
  • You're always focused on others and ignore your needs/neglect yourself
  • You're constantly worrying about what you could/should be doing for others
  • You have no idea where to start because you've been in the same pattern for decades
  • You don't understand the difference between boundaries and controlling others or giving ultimatums
  • You're tired of trying to figure this out and want guidance and support from someone who's helped hundreds BUILD Better Boundaries!

You'll Walk Away
from This Program with...

  • The ability to prioritize yourself and things you love to do without guilt
  • Tools to discern what YOU really want vs. what others really want
  • Feeling calm and confident when you tell someone no without a flood of guilt and shame washing over you
  • The ability to keep the focus on yourself and still be kind and helpful
  • Knowing how to communicate your boundaries without having a confrontation
  • Knowing when and where to set boundaries that are right for YOU
  • The ability to follow through on your self-care so you can blend your work and home life in a way that works for YOU
  • The exact words to say when telling others no or setting other limits
  • An understanding of the masks you've worn in an attempt to control others' impressions of you
  • A better understanding of yourself and how you're showing up in relationships
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 Why I Started This Group

For most of my life I just couldn't say no to people. I thought if I said no I was a "bad person" or that people would reject or abandon me. Now I know how to say no and still be kind and helpful.

And that's just one of the many, many changes I realized as a result of building healthy boundaries. The best way to illustrate how profoundly I've changed as a result of my healthy boundaries is that I'm now in a healthy romantic relationship for the first time ever! One the most important skills I learned by building boundaries is learning how to directly communicate, which is required in intimate relationships. I was used to indirect communication, which I learned in my family.

I've also learned how to consistently follow through for myself because of building healthy boundaries. That meant I grew to truly love myself and trust myself for the first time in my life. All from building healthy boundaries! I started this group so I could help many women at once to have the kind of transformations I've had, especially those who are in their middle ages.

A Candid Moment

This video is a private moment that was captured at my 60th birthday women's brunch on April 1, 2023. I didn't know I was on camera!

When my friend shared it with me, I just knew I had to share it with others so they'd know who I am, what's important to me, and why I do what I do. This is not a "job" for me, this is a mission!

The 🌟 Higher Powered 🌟 5-Part Framework

So you can let go of guilt, shame and resentment











Beliefs are often so deep we don't even know that we believe things that are not true. Your mindset will be altered in two ways:

  1. Debunking your unconscious scripts that are getting in the way of setting healthy boundaries.
  2. Disrupt your old patterns of thinking about yourself that aren't serving you.

You'll undo long-standing patterns of thinking and behavior that have not been serving you. We'll create a boundary system tailored just for you. This system will remind you going forward what you need to do to uphold and maintain your boundaries so you can pursue things you desire without guilt or shame.

Your core ideals and values matter. We'll clarify your top five values, then you'll build your boundary system in alignment with those values. This ensures that your life stays in alignment with your values, making it easier for you to set and maintain healthy boundaries. THIS is the key to becoming whole.

If you suck at boundaries, chances are you're always focused on others. You'll learned to keep the focus on YOU (the only thing you can control!). You'll learn to do this in four ways:

  1. What do *I* want?
  2. Is this my business?
  3. What's my part here?
  4. How do I sustain self-care?


Delivering your message when setting boundaries so it has impact requires empowered communication. You'll become empowered to directly communicate with others based on recommended scripts, no matter what their role in your personal or professional life.


This framework will position you to show up for yourself in ways you weren't previously able. You'll have an altered mindset which will allow you to undo those life-long patterns that weren't serving you. You'll learn how to focus on yourself, have empowered communication skills and be in alignment with your values and ideals.

This Is *NOT* For You If...

  • You're not ready to try something different
  • You're not willing to follow the process I teach
  • You think other people changing will solve your problems
  • You can't handle me swearing or talking about God
  • You're okay with taking in more information but not taking action
  • You're looking for an embodied, somatic healing experience rather than a mindset and behavioral approach (you might like this podcast and these courses)
  • You prefer to work one-on-one with me (click here for private coaching info)

You need this program if...

  • You frequently set boundaries but then take them back
  • You avoid people or cut them out rather than set boundaries with them
  • You keep wanting, hoping and wishing others would change
  • You've read all the books and done all the therapy and nothing has every really changed
  • You're tired of being in fear, having anxiety, worry, guilt, shame and resentment and being afraid of abandonment
  • You want to eliminate the self-doubt and second-guessing you always do
  • You want to stop beating the shit out of yourself for making simple mistakes

7-8:30 p.m. EST

note: no group meeting 10/25/23



In This Program You Will Receive:

  • A game-changing three-hour online retreat to kick-start Building your Boundaries and bond with the group
  • Eight weekly 90-minute group coaching calls on Zoom
  • A growing multi-media curriculum of my best articles & podcasts on building better healthy boundaries!
  • A hard copy of my 134-page Better Boundaries Workbook comprised of 12 Modules with weekly training exercises to build your own boundary system
  • A private, safe, & loving online community of boundary-builders and boundary buddies
  • A complimentary 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Barb during the course (a $275 value!)
  • A customized boundary system "cheat sheet" based on you and your needs


  • What if I can't make it during that time, will the sessions be recorded?
    • Yes, the sessions will be recorded and you can access them in your member portal


  • How much time will I need to put into this program each week?
    • You'll spend 90 minutes on the live calls each Wed. In addition, expect to spend about 90 minutes going through the curriculum materials and doing the workbook exercises each week during the program. Think of this like it's a college class you're taking but in 8 weeks instead of 15.


  • What if I don't feel comfortable sharing my private stuff with others?
    • You're not alone in that. It's usually easier to share with others who are going through what you're going through. However, you don't have to share if you don't want to. If this will be a barrier for you in getting the most out of the program, please consider private coaching with me instead (click here to learn about private coaching with me).


  • How many women will be in the group?
    • There will be a maximum of 20 women in the group.


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What people are saying

“[After Barb’s program] I finally was able to see my part in my resentment and the disrespect I felt...As I…realized I was allowing the behaviors, I learned to be very clear about what it is I would and would no longer allow in my life. I have CHOICES and I no longer need to cave. I can choose myself, that is not selfish, it is Self-love. It was amazing to share this with others on the same journey. I am happy to report that I am feeling more at peace than I ever have before and I will continue to ‘Do the Work.’” 

~ Rose

"I found working in a group a safer way to deal with my own stuff for two reasons: I can see other people’s pattern that I also have easier in them and it is comforting finding out I’m not alone in having that pattern.  This created more compassion for myself and others."

~ L.

"The boundaries group really changed my life a lot. I understand how boundaries keep me feeling happy now since I've felt free to establish them. I also don't feel bad about stating my needs anymore (respectfully, of course!)"
~ E.

6 months later, L had this to say, "I remember that boundaries are not to keep people out but to keep me in check and figure out what I truly want. I've been much better at not doing things because people will like it. I'm doing what I like first and foremost. I'm doing better at caring for MY time. First knowing what I want is important."

"I really liked that in all of the discussions we had, every session there were multiple things that someone relayed that was really profound to someone else and significantly helped them on understanding the new topics we were learning."

~  Anonymous

"Late one night I impulsively signed up for the Boundaries class, responding to prodding from my Higher Power. I was in a very difficult place in my life, facing a challenging recovery from major surgery and at the same time upheaval and conflict in a deeply important personal relationship. 
During my many years, decades even, in 12 Step programs I had learned much and my life had improved tremendously. But in that moment I was stuck and relapsing into old behaviors.
One thing I kept hearing about from Barb was to show up for myself, to not abandon myself. The persistent ways that I abandon myself were news to me. I’d been reluctant to admit that I had needs and desires. Working with Barb in a supportive group class decreased my shame and has enabled me to show up for myself more often, to be aware of times when I don’t, and to be gentle and compassionate with myself when it happens. There’s so much more I could say… I highly recommend working with Barb!"

~ Sue